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With features like zero-gravity recline, an L-Track, and mechanical foot rollers, the Apex Aurora Massage Chair delivers a great value at an affordable price point.

Overall Massage Quality
Customization options
Ease of Use
Value for the Money

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  • Combination S-Track and L-Track
  • Body scan technology
  • Spring-loaded ottoman
  • Three-stage zero gravity
  • Mechanical foot rollers
  • Heat therapy


  • Total of 22 airbags
  • Manual Adjustment for leg scan
Apex AP Aurora Zero Gravity Massage Chair

With features like a zero-gravity recline, an L-Track, and mechanical foot rollers, the Apex Aurora massage chair delivers a great value at an affordable price point.

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A smaller image of Apex AP-Pro Aurora Apex AP-Pro AuroraA smaller image of Apex AP-Pro Ultra Apex AP-Pro Ultra
Air Massage Technology
Air Intensity Control
Air Massage: Arms
Air Massage: Foot and Calf
Air Massage: Lumbar and Hip
Air Massage: Buttocks and Thighs
Air Massage: Shoulders
Automatic Leg Scan
Automatic-Off Timer
Chromotherapy Lighting
Computer Body Scan
Dual Foot Rollers
Full-Sized LCD Remote
Handheld LCD Remote
Heat Therapy (Lower Back) (Lower Back)
Manual Operation Mode
Massage Programs (total number)44
Massage Techniques (total number)35
MP3 Port and Speakers
Number of Airbags (total number)2230
Roller Speed Control
Roller Track Length (in inches)50″50″
Spring-Loaded Ottoman
Track System: L-Track
Track System: S-Track
Vibration Massage
Wireless Remote
Zero Gravity Recline

The Apex AP Aurora is a full-body massage chair priced around $2000. With features like zero-gravity recline, mechanical foot rollers, and arm massage, that’s an affordable price point. However, is it really better than the other options out there?

In this Apex Aurora massage chair review, we’re taking a detailed look at every aspect of this model to see whether or not it’s a good investment for the money. Plus,  we’ll see how it stacks up to the similar Apex Ultra massage chair. Let’s go!

Features on the Apex Aurora Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Combination S-Track and L-Track

If you’ve been researching on massage chairs, you’ve likely seen the terms S-Track and L-Track.

What are they? Let’s start by explaining the basics of massage tracks.

Massage tracks are the mechanisms which the rollers move up and down during massage.

An S-Track is an “S” shaped track that typically extends from the top of the neck to the tailbone. Designed to mimic and contour to the natural shape of the spine and back, the S-Track allows the rollers to keep consistent pressure across the curved areas of the neck and back.

An L-Track, on the other hand, is a linear track that typically extends from the base of the tailbone to the thighs. Whereas S-Tracks are found in the backrests, L-Tracks are situated in the backrests and into the seats, adding an additional 20 or so inches of massage range.

Because of the additional coverage, L-Tracks are typically found on mid- to high-end massage chairs. So, the fact that the Apex Aurora features a combination S-Track and L-Track make it a standout feature for the price point.

With this track combination on the Apex Aurora chair, you can enjoy massage from your neck to your thighs and everywhere in between.

Side view image of Apex Aurora

Body Scan Technology

Without a body scan feature, a massage chair must base its movements on a “standard” height. But since no two people are exactly the same, the rollers inevitably end up hitting too high or too low on users outside of the standard height range. Thanks to the body scan technology on the Apex Aurora, you won’t have to worry about that.

On the Apex Aurora, before a massage program begins, the chair automatically initiates its body scan feature. The body scan feature uses the massage head rollers to map the shape of the back and determine the user’s height. Once it learns how tall the user is, the rollers automatically adjust to provide a custom-fit massage.

Spring-Loaded Ottoman

Another customization feature on the Apex Aurora massage chair is the spring-loaded ottoman which allows users of different heights to adjust the ottoman to their unique leg length.

To extend the ottoman, simply push it out with your feet until it reaches your desired length. The ottoman locks into position until you choose to adjust it again.

As a side note: the Apex AP Aurora is designed to fit users up to 6’4″ tall.

Three-Stage Zero Gravity

An image of Apex Aurora Zero G

Inspired by NASA and initially developed to help astronauts minimize the stress of take off on their bodies, zero-gravity recline positions the body such that the majority of its weight is held by the backrest.

In this position, vertical pressure is removed from the neck, back, spine and lower body, helping the muscles to decompress and relax. The legs are also elevated at or slightly above the heart to aid in circulation. Another benefit of the zero-gravity position is that it holds the body against the rollers, producing a much deeper massage.

On the Apex Aurora massage chair, there are three stages of zero-gravity, with each stage offering more recline.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

An image of Apex Aurora in Brown color

Due to popular demand in recent years, many massage chair companies have been upgrading their chairs to include mechanical foot rollers. Although once only found on higher-priced models, more affordable options like the Apex Aurora now offer this feature.

At the bottom of the calf and foot massager ottoman on the Apex AP Aurora are the spinning foot rollers. The rollers deliver a deep and invigorating reflexology-style massage to the bottoms of the feet and are designed to target acupoints — the points typically treated with healing modalities like acupuncture.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet or want a foot massage as part of your wellness regimen, the foot rollers on the Apex Aurora chair are a great treatment option.

Heat Therapy

Located on the lower back portion of the backrest are two heating pads. The pads radiate warmth to the lumbar area increasing blood flow which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the area. The warmth also helps the muscles to release tension and relax, enabling the massage head rollers to provide a more effective treatment.

On the Apex AP Aurora, you can add heat therapy to any massage program.

Space-Saving Technology

A great feature if you’re short on space or don’t want your massage chair to take up a ton of room is the space-saving techn on the Apex AP Aurora.

With space-saving technology, the chair moves forward as it moves back, allowing it to fully recline only 6 inches away from the wall.

Handheld LCD Remote

An image of Handheld LCD Remote

On the Apex AP Aurora, you can control all of the chair’s functions with its easy-to-use handheld remote. Featuring an LCD screen, the remote displays all of the chair’s active programs, so you always know what settings are on.

Under the screen, a series of buttons let you adjust the location of the massage rollers, set the air massage intensity and the timer, activate heat element, and choose the areas you want the massage to focus on. We’ll take a closer look at these functions when we cover the manual mode options later in the article.

Below those buttons, you can adjust the recline and incline of the backrest and ottoman, and access the zero-gravity feature. To enter into one of the three zero-gravity stages, select the “Zero-G” button. Each time you press the button, the chair will move into a different stage.

At the bottom of the remote, you’ll see the preset massage program buttons and more manual mode options like massage techniques, roller width, and speed adjustment.

Each function is clearly labeled, making the remote of the Apex AP Aurora massage chair simple and straightforward.

Air Massage on the Apex AP Aurora Massage Chair

Airbags are an important component of massage chairs; simply because they can go where rollers can’t — the arms, hands, sides of the shoulders, etc.

The airbags on the Apex AP Aurora massage chair have been reengineered to reduce the number of airbags while increasing their surface area. Fewer airbags means less power required and fewer chair components, making the Apex Aurora chair more mechanically sound overall without sacrificing air massage quality.

There are a total of 22 airbags throughout the Apex Aurora massage chair.

Let’s take a closer look at the areas…

An image of Air Massage Locations

Air Massage Locations

  • Shoulders – On the Apex AP Aurora, there are two airbags located on either side on the shoulders. The airbags inflate and deflate to press and squeeze the shoulders while also helping to hold the body in place for roller massage.
  • Arms and Hands – There are eight airbags located in the arm and hand massagers. These airbags deliver compression massage, helping increase circulation to the area.
  • Hips and Pelvis – Four airbags located alongside the seat of the Apex Aurora massage chair inflate and deflate to stretch and squeeze the hips, pelvis and lumbar area.
  • Calves and Feet – Lining the calf and foot massager ottoman are eight airbags that compress and squeeze the legs and feet, helping to release tension, increase circulation, and gently press the feet down on the foot rollers.

Massage Programs and Techniques on the Apex Aurora Massage Chair

Massage Programs

On the Apex Aurora massage chair, there are four preset massage programs, including:

  • SV-Chiro
  • Extend
  • Care
  • Relax

Massage Techniques

And three massage techniques, including:

Manual Mode Options on the Apex AP Aurora

The Apex AP Aurora massage chair features a well-rounded selection of manual mode customization options, including:

  • Roller Speed – There are three levels of roller speed adjustment.
  • Roller Location – A set of up and down arrows let you adjust the location of the rollers.
  • Air Massage Intensity –  A set of “Air +” and “Air -” buttons let you increase and decrease the intensity of air massage.
  • Air Massage Location –  An “Air” button lets you select specific body areas for air massage.
  • Spot – The “Spot” button allows you to stop the rollers on a specific point.
  • Portion – The “Portion” button lets you select which body areas you want the rollers to treat, including, back, seat, waist, back and waist, waist and seat, or full body.

What’s the Difference: Apex Aurora vs. Apex Ultra

In the Apex massage chair lineup there are two models that, at first glance, seem very similar: the Aurora and the Ultra.

So what’s the difference?

First, let’s take a look at what they have in common…

They both have combination L-Tracks and S-Tracks, mechanical foot rollers, lower back heat therapy, and zero-gravity.

An image of Apex Aurora Ultra Orange
Now, the differences…
  • The Apex Aurora features 22 airbags, while the Apex Ultra massage chair features 30. The additional airbags on the Apex Ultra massage chair are located in the seat of the chair under the buttocks and thighs. These additional airbags play a key role in the pelvic twist and full-body stretch programs on the Apex Ultra massage chair.
  • Another major difference are the calf rollers found on the Apex Ultra. This feature not only differentiates the Apex Ultra from the Apex Aurora but from massage chairs in general. Simply put: calf rollers aren’t very common on massage chairs which make it a standout feature.
  • The Apex Ultra offers auto leg scan that automatically adjusts the ottoman to fit your leg length, whereas the Aurora has a spring-loaded ottoman you have to manually adjust.
  • The Apex Ultra also has built-in speakers and an MP3 port, allowing you to connect your MP3-compatible device directly to the chair’s speakers.
  • As far as preset massage programs, the Apex Ultra and the Apex Aurora have the same number of presets (although, technically, the Apex Ultra offers an additional two programs that aren’t considered “preset programs”).
  • In addition to the three massage techniques found on the Apex AP Aurora, the Apex Ultra also features Dual (combination) and Shiatsu techniques.
  • Finally, a feature found on the Apex Aurora massage chair, but not on the Apex Ultra is the after-program resting position. With this feature, when you finish a massage program, the chair does not automatically return to the upright position. On the Apex Ultra, however, when a massage ends, the chair will automatically reposition itself which can feel like you’re cutting your relaxation time short if you’re not quite ready to move.
In general, there’s about a $1000 difference between the chairs.

If you have an additional $1000 available in your budget, the Apex Ultra should be high on your list. Not to say that the Apex AP Aurora isn’t a great massage chair, but if you want an affordable massage chair that offers additional features like calf rollers, greater air massage capabilities, and more techniques, the Apex Ultra is tough to beat.

Apex Aurora Massage Chair Specifications

Chair Dimensions (upright)49″ X 29.5″ X 32″
Recommended Maximum User Weight285 lbs
Recommended User Height5’0″ to 6’4″
Power Consumption230W
Chair Weight270 lbs
ColorsBlack, Brown, Grey

Final Thoughts Apex Ap Aurora Review

The Apex Aurora delivers a high-quality massage from the neck to the thighs, provides a deep, revitalizing massage to the feet, treats the arms and hands with compression massage, and offers three stages of the relaxing zero-gravity position. If those features are on your list of massage must-haves, the Apex Aurora is an excellent and highly affordable option. But, if you’re willing to stretch your budget a little more, the Apex Ultra will provide you with all the features of the Apex Aurora and then some.

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