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Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Review

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Apex AP-Pro Regal

  • Ease of Use
  • Overall Massage Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Value for the Money


The Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair offers high-end features like 3D technology and mechanical foot rollers with loads of customization options and one of the largest S-Tracks available. Factor in its affordable price point and the Apex Regal not only delivers on features and massage quality, but is also a great value for the money.


Outfitted with all the features you need to enjoy a top-of-the-line massage, but at a moderate price point, the Apex AP-Pro Regal is a solid option for those seeking a high-quality chair without having to make a huge investment. In this Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair review, we’re taking an in-depth look at all of the features, plus seeing how it stacks up to the comparable Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber.


Cozzia 16028 Massage Chair - Consumer Files

Apex AP-Pro Regal

​Air Massage Technology

​Air Intensity Control

​Air Massage: Arms

​Air Massage: Foot and Calf

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Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

​Air Massage Technology

​Air Intensity Control

​Air Massage: Arms

​Air Massage: Foot and Calf

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Apex AP-Pro Regal
Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber


Apex AP-Pro Regal

Cozzia 16028 Massage Chair - Consumer Files

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

Osaki OS 3000- Consumer Files

Air Massage Technology

Air Intensity Control

Air Massage: Arms

Air Massage: Foot and Calf

Air Massage: Lumbar and Hip

Air Massage: Shoulders

Automatic Leg Scan

Automatic-Off Timer

Chromotherapy Lighting

Computer Body Scan

Dual Foot Rollers

Full-Sized LCD Remote

Handheld LCD Remote

Heat Therapy

(lower back and seat)

(lower back)

Manual Operation Mode

Massage Programs (total number)



Massage Techniques (total number)



MP3 Port and Speakers

Number of Airbags (total number)



Roller Speed Control

Roller Track Length (in inches)



Spring-Loaded Ottoman

Track System: L-Track

Track System: S-Track

Vibration Massage

Wireless Remote

Zero Gravity Recline

Apex AP-Pro Regal

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

Features on the Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair

3D Massage System

The Apex AP-Pro Regal features 3D massage technology that moves the rollers in three dimensions: vertical, width and depth. Vertical movement moves the rollers up and down, the width moves them side to side, and depth extends them outward, applying penetrating pressure to the back.

With 3D technology, the Apex AP-Pro Regal is able to deliver a real deep tissue massage, extending the rollers outward up to 8 cm — a feature not often found in this price range.

Spine-Contouring S-Track

Equipped with a 32-inch roller track, the Apex AP-Pro Regal has one of the longest S-Tracks available. A massage track is a mechanism the rollers move along as they deliver massage.

An S-Track is a style of massage track that’s specially designed to mimic and contour the natural shape of the spine and back.

The benefit of an S-Track is its shape which allows the massage rollers to maintain consistent pressure and close contact with the body. It's especially across the curved areas like the neck and lower back which can lose pressure with other types of track systems.

Computer Body Scan

The Apex AP-Pro Regal features body scanning technology that uses the roller heads to map the unique shape of your back before administering a massage.

With body scanning technology, the massage chair is able to gather data about your height and shape along the backrest, ensuring a custom-fit treatment.

The body scan feature initiates at the beginning of each massage. And since the body scan technology can automatically adjust the massage chair to fit each person best, it’s a great feature for households with multiple users.

Auto Leg Scan

In addition to the body scan feature, the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair has an auto leg scan function. This feature automatically fits the ottoman to your unique leg length.


Here's how: When you sit in the massage chair, the ottoman will automatically extend outward before retracting back toward your feet. Once the ottoman reaches your feet, simply press down with your toes to alert the sensors to stop.

The auto leg scan feature makes it easy for users of different heights to enjoy the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity


On the Apex AP-Pro Regal, two stages of Zero Gravity recline your body into the most therapeutic position for massage. Inspired by NASA, Zero Gravity positions you such that the backrest holds the weight of your body.

This reduces vertical pressure on your spine and lower back, while also increasing massage intensity. At the same time, the legs are elevated at, or slightly above the heart (depending on which stage you’re in), to increase circulation as well as aid in relaxation.

Waist and Bottom Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps to increase blood flow while also helping the muscles to relax. On the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair, heating pads deliver warmth to the lower back, hips, and seat of the chair, helping to reduce tension and increase the effectiveness of your massage.


Mechanical Foot Rollers


A very popular feature, the dual spinning foot rollers on the Apex AP-Pro Regal deliver a reflexology massage to the bottoms of the feet, treating acupoints — the points typically treated with acupuncture.

Not to be confused with pressure nodes, the dual foot rollers on the Apex AP-Pro Regal are mechanical rollers, providing a deeper, more comprehensive massage to the feet.

Space-Saving Technology

With the Apex AP-Pro Regal, you won’t have to worry about not having enough room in your house thanks to its space-saving technology. Whereas most massage chairs need at least 1 to 2 feet of space behind them to recline fully, the Apex AP-Pro Regal requires only 6 inches. This is because as the Apex AP-Pro Regal reclines, it also moves forward, allowing it to extend fully in much less space.

LED Chromotherapy Lighting

Chromotherapy is a form of color therapy that uses specific colors to stimulate healing in the mind and body. On the Apex AP-Pro Regal, blue LED lights located on the sides of the chair emit a soft hue onto the walls surrounding the chair in a dim or dark room. Blue is believed to help relieve general pain, increase relaxation, and reduce stress and anxiety.


MP3-Compatible with Built-In Speakers

A set of built-in speakers located on either side of the headrest on the Apex AP-Pro Regal deliver crisp sounds while you enjoy your massage. Just plug in your MP3-compatible device and select your favorite massage playlist. Located on the remote, a set of play, pause, and volume buttons make it easy to adjust your music.

Air Massage

On the Apex Regal massage chair, 28 strategically placed airbags deliver compression massage from the shoulders to the feet. Although the number may seem lower than what you find on other massage chairs, the airbags on the AP-Pro Regal have been re-engineered to decrease the total number while increasing their surface area.


This “next generation” of airbags reduces the number of moving parts, the noise, and the power required to operate the chair, making it more mechanically sound without losing massage quality.

Let’s take a closer look at the air massage areas.

  • Shoulder air massage. Airbags located next to the shoulders press and squeeze the upper back while also helping to hold you in place for massage.
  • Lumbar and hip air massage. Four airbags located around the lower back and the side of the seat squeeze and twist the lumbar area and hips to provide a deep stretch.
  • Arms and hands air massage. Equipped with four airbags on each side of the armrest, a total of eight airbags deliver compression massage to the tops and bottoms of the forearms and hands.
  • Calves and feet air massage. Eight airbags in the ottoman inflate and deflate to invigorate the calves and feet while also helping to hold the legs in place for massage.

Easy-to-Use Handheld LCD Remote

On the Apex AP-Pro Regal, the slim handheld remote lets you control all of the chair’s functions, and a vibrant LCD screen enables you to see what functions are active. The combination of the remote’s minimal design with the screen makes it very easy to use. Just press the “Menu” button to access the menu interface.

From the menu, you can select from auto programs, manual options, air massage, roller massage, heating, timing, and language settings. To navigate within the menu, use the set of arrows located on the remote. When you find the setting you want to activate, click the “OK” button, and you’re ready to go.

We’ll take a closer look at the functions available on the remote when we discuss the manual mode options later in the article.

Massage Techniques and Programs on the Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair

Massage Techniques

The Apex Regal massage chair features five massage techniques, including:




Knead and tap


Massage Programs

The Apex Regal massage chair features five preset massage programs, including:


Pain Relief


Music Sync

3D Demo

Another preset, but one that has its own button on the remote, is the Quick Relaxation program. Located underneath the LCD screen, press the Quick Relaxation button to enjoy a swift 8-minute massage.

In addition to the five preset programs, there are five massage modes you can choose from, including:



Back Yoga

Athlete Mode

Care of Aged

Side note: Since the chair is manufactured in China, sometimes the language barrier becomes apparent — like in the names of the massage modes above. But, for the most part, everything on the remote is easy-to-read.

Manual Options on the Apex Regal Massage Chair

The Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair is packed with manual mode options that give you the ability to customize nearly every aspect of your massage. Let’s take a closer look at the options:

  • Mode. Choose from one of the five massage techniques listed above with the mode option.
  • Position. Select where on your body you want the roller to focus, including overall, shoulder and back, waist and back, or fixed point. With fixed point, you can use the arrows on the remote to adjust the location of the rollers to a particular point on your body.
  • Width. Choose from three roller width settings, from narrow to wide.
  • Speed. Choose from three roller speed settings, from low to high.
  • 3D. With the 3D function, you can select to increase or decrease the level of protrusion of the rollers.
  • Air massage position. Select where on your body you want to receive air massage, including overall, upper, middle and lower.
  • Air massage intensity. Choose from three air massage intensity levels, from weak to strong.
  • Foot roller intensity. Select from two foot roller settings: quick and soft.
  • Heating. Add heat therapy to any massage by selecting the heating option from the menu.
  • Massage timer. Easily set and change your massage intervals with the timing option on the menu. Choose from 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Color Variants of Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair

Pros and Cons of Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair

  • 32-inch S-Track (one of the longest available)
  • 3D massage
  • Space-saving technology
  • Foot rollers
  • Excellent customization options
  • Good value for the money
  • Smaller remote (could also be a pro)
  • Only five preset programs

Apex AP-Pro Regal vs. Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

If you’ve spent much time researching the Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair, chances are you’ve come across similar models like the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber. These chairs have a lot in common which can make it difficult to differentiate between the two.

To help make that process a little easier, here’s a quick comparison to see how the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber stacks up to the Apex AP-Pro Regal. First, let’s take a look at what they have common:

Both the Apex AP-Pro Regal and the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber are 3D massage chairs with S-Tracks, Zero Gravity, foot rollers and chromotherapy lighting. Each massage chair offers heat therapy, although the Apex AP-Pro Regal offers more with the addition of heat in the seat of the chair.

Now, let’s get into the differences.


Number of Airbags

The Apex AP-Pro Regal has 28 airbags while the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber has 36. The airbags on both of the chairs have been redesigned to decrease the number of overall airbags without losing air massage capabilities in key areas.

S-Track Length

The Apex AP-Pro Regal has a 32-inch track system while the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber has a 31-inch track system.

So, the Apex AP-Pro Regal provides a longer massage down the back.

Space-Saving Technology

The Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair features space-saving technology, and the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber does not.

Preset Massage Programs

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber has nine preset massage programs, and the Apex AP-Pro Regal has five.

Remote Control Size

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber features a full-sized remote control with a 5-inch LCD screen — one of the largest available. The Apex AP-Pro Regal has a slim, handheld remote with an LCD screen.

Which massage chair is better?

These chairs are very similar. In fact, their key features are identical. But with the additional inch of S-Track and space-saving technology, the Apex AP-Pro Regal might be a little better value for the money.

On the other hand, if you love preset programs, the Osaki OS Pro Cyber massage chair’s nine might be a better fit for your treatment needs.

In general, you can find the Apex AP-Pro Regal a few hundred to a few thousand dollars cheaper than the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber.

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Specifications

Chair dimensions (upright)

59"L X 32"W X 36"H

Chair dimensions (reclined)

66"L X 32"W X 32"H

Chair weight

275 lbs

User height range

5'0" to 6'3"

Recommended maximum user weight

275 lbs

Power Consumption



Black, Brown, Beige

Apex Regal Massage Chair Review Final Thoughts

With high-end features like 3D massage technology and mechanical foot rollers, a robust set of customization options, and a budget-friendly price tag, the Apex AP-Pro Regal is an excellent choice for those who want the benefits of a high-end chair without the costs. We hope our Apex AP-Pro Regal massage chair review gave you a good look at what this model offers and made your decision process a little easier.

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