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Airline Approved Rifle Case Reviews 2018

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If you're in the midst of planning that once in a lifetime hunting trip and need to fly to get there, one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll need for a successful trip is an airline approved rifle case. Not only does an airline rifle case ensure that your firearms are able to travel with you, but a good one will also provide additional protection to your firearms while in transit.

Our pick for the best airline rifle case is the 4004 Deluxe Single Rifle Case, part of the Premium product line by Americase. Check out our list of the top four airline rifle cases below, and see if you agree.

Top Pick for Airline Approved Rifle Case

Americase 4004 Premium Airline Approved Rifle Case



The Americase 4004 Premium Single Rifle Case is easily one of the best airline approved rifle cases out there. It's a rock-solid combination of durability and elegance. The external dimensions are 50 inches by 10 inches by 3.5 inches. This affords plenty of room for single barrel rifle with a Rifle Scopes while still including a standard storage compartment. This gives you extra space to store some accessories, like lens cleaning cloth or extra lens caps for your scope.

The interior of this rifle case is lined in velvet -not cheap, knock off velour. Two restraining straps hold your rifle securely in place and prevent it from moving around even during the sometimes rough handling by airline staff. The A over A style case features sturdy locks and will protect your rifle though the case may sustain a few scratches and dents doing so.

The velvet interior is available in black, blue, burgundy, or green. This rifle case for airline use weighs 21 pounds and, as mentioned, is one of the Americase's proud products. Americase has a wide reputation of caring for detail and top quality. The video below gives an idea of what are their core values.

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SportLock CamoLock Single Airline Rifle Case GS00026


This airline rifle case is not only approved for airline travel but also functions beautifully as a hard case for hunting, thanks to the mossy oak camouflage on the exterior. It features a rugged aluminum construction with four key locking latches. It measures 48.5 inches by 10 inches by 4.75 inches externally, with full exterior camouflaging except on the corners and comfort grip handle.

The interior is fully lined in high-density egg carton style foam to keep your rifle perfectly in place. An additional foam strip provides extra assurance that your rifle won't rattle around while traveling, protecting it against scratches and dents. This airline approved gun case will easily hold a scoped rifle, even a larger scope with a wide objective lens. It weighs 14 pounds.

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Plano Pro-Max Pillar Lock Single Rifle Case 99633


​​​​This is one of the most affordable rifle cases we've seen, while still being airline approved and providing your rifle the protection it needs while traveling. This rifle case has plenty of room for a scoped rifle -even if that scope has a large objective lens. External measurements are 56.63 inches by 13 inches by 3.75 inches. This airline rifle case features the patented Pillar-Lock, providing rush resistant protection.

The interior features high-density egg carton style foam padding to keep your rifle securely in place. This means that scratches and dings to your rifle won't be a concern as it won't rattle about inside. This is a thick walled plastic case, in black, with heavy duty latches. Extra protection is provided via the padlock tabs -allowing you to ensure that only you have access to your firearm. This rifle case also features molded handles, making it more comfortable to carry.

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Browning Fit Mirage Double Rifle Case 105035


Don't let the price on this case fool you! This airline approved rifle case is made by Browning, a company that's built its name on producing high-quality products to meet your hunting and gun safety needs. And this rifle case for airline use is no exception!

It's made of a copolymer material that makes this case both lightweight and super tough. It features a molded handle built into the body and a combination of piano style and brass hinges. This attention to detail gives this rifle case a longer life-expectancy as you'll never have to worry about the handle somehow falling off or one of the hinges popping out.

Four locking point latches provide additional security and the peace of mind that only you have access to your firearms. And yes, that is firearms as this case can comfortably hold two scoped rifles. The interior is fully lined with double convoluted foam to keep your guns in place and safe from bumping against each other. Zerust corrosion inhibiting inserts are also included in the case, making it great for long-term firearm storage at home. It measures 53 3/8 inches by 16 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches on the outside.

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What Is The Best Airline Approved Rifle Case?

As you can see, there's some variation out there when it comes to airline approved rifle cases. Prices can also vary greatly, as you can see when comparing some in the above list. But, in looking at quality and durability, our top pick was easily the Deluxe Single Rifle Case by Americase.

This company takes care in ensuring that all of their cases are not only approved for air travel but will provide the protection needed in the event of a worst-case-scenario travel mishap. Special mention goes to the Mirage Double Rifle Case by Browning for striking an excellent balance between craftsmanship and price.

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