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Recommended For: Anyone looking for a red dot scope that can withstand heavy real-world use.

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  • Impressive durability and able to withstand heavy real-world use
  • High performance and reliability, making it a dependable choice
  • Offers excellent value for its price point


  • No QD release lever
  • May be customer service have an issues
Aimpoint PRO 12841 Optic

Recommended For: Anyone looking for a red dot scope that can withstand heavy real-world use.

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As a new shooter, nearly everyone starts out with that gun show, bargain-priced red dot scope. It’s a logical place to start considering you likely just spent $700 to $1200 on your rifle, and justifying several hundred dollars on optics is hard to do after such a purchase. But we all quickly learned that that bargain red dot just doesn’t have what it takes to withstand the pounding of a day spent at the shooting range.

So to take some of the guesswork out of buying a high-quality replacement red dot, we’ve put together a detailed Aimpoint PRO review to let you know what to expect from this optic.

We’ll also take a look at some of the accessories that go along with the Aimpoint PRO optic, as well as tackle the favorite subject of whether the included mount is good enough or if you need to think about upgrading.

The Aimpoint PRO Red Dot

First things first, the Aimpoint PRO 12841 has a lot of features that you just won’t see in other red dot optics. Chief among these is the crazy long battery life. Per the manufacturer, the Aimpoint PRO battery life is 30,000 hours.


That means that you’ll have dependable use of your PRO for three years before needing to worry about changing the battery. And that dependability makes the difference when it comes to any optic. Speaking of reliability, this red dot also maintains accuracy after removing it and putting it back in.

The PRO was zeroed in, removed, and then remounted to see if the point of impact shifted. There weren’t any noticeable results in doing so until about the sixth or seventh time when it did need to be adjusted a slight amount.

That means that if there’s any reason to remove the PRO and remount it (I’m looking at you, home defense guy and law enforcement personnel), then it should still be accurate or, at the very least, sufficient enough to get the job done.

Aimpoint Pro Optic Specifications

The PRO is a very rugged scope, made of anodized aluminum that feels like it can take a beating although a protective cover is available to provide extra protection.

The PRO is also accurate at temperatures down to a bone chilling -50 degree Fahrenheit and up to a scorching 160 degrees Fahrenheit and submersible to a depth of 150 feet.


It has ten brightness settings, six of which are for daytime use while four are compatible with night vision devices, making this scope a great choice for hardcore nighttime boar hunters.

The brightest setting increases the size of the red dot (which is a 2MOA size) and creates a red glow around the edge of the glass which some users may find distracting even though the dot is still visible.

The PRO has a unique design that allows you to use it with both eyes open, making for unlimited eye relief. Experimenting with mounting placement on your rifle will help you determine what is most ideal. All surfaces are coated with an anti-reflex coating containing multiple layers on the objective lens; however, an additional kill flash lens cover is available to provide extra protection against reflection.

Aimpoint Pro 12841 Features

One useful feature that might seem confusing at first is the lens cover. The front lens cover is opaque while the back lens cover (nearest to you) is transparent. The reason why this is such a great and innovative feature comes down to two things: 1) Proper use of a red dot, and 2) How your brain interprets images.

All red dot scopes are meant to be shot with both eyes open. If you’ve been doing it any other way, then let me repeat that so the point sinks in: Use your red dot scope with both eyes open. Every time.


Now, if you should find yourself at an end of the world situation where you need to use your red dot immediately, but don’t have time to flip that pesky lens cover up, have no fear! You can still shoot comfortably – and accurately – thanks to that transparent eyepiece lens and the way your brain works. 

Just focus your dominant eye on your target with your weaker eye looking through the scope so that it can see the red dot. Your mind will automatically merge the images, transposing the red dot onto your target so you can aim with precision.

This is the kind of attention that really sets a rifle scope apart from the competition and gives further credibility to being one of the most reliable rifle scopes you’ll ever come across.

Is Upgrading the Aimpoint Pro Mount Necessary?

This is a rather touchy subject amongst Aimpoint PRO users, so it’s important to take a few points into consideration before deciding whether or not to spend the extra money on a new mount. First off, the mount that comes with the PRO is the QRP2.


This is the same mount that comes with one of their higher-end rifle scopes and by higher-end, we mean it will cost you about twice as much. It provides a stable mounting platform that can be used to co-witness with iron sights. And if you remove the spacer, it can be used on a shotgun, too.

The biggest complaint about the mount is that it doesn’t have a QD release lever. As such, a lot of people upgrade to a Larue mount that does have the quick detach option. It’s important to remember that the included mount attaches with just three clicks, which really doesn’t take that long to attach or detach.

This feature also won’t let you over torque while attaching the mount to your rifle. Instead, it makes a clicking sound when used with too much torque.

Per the manufacturer and use, three clicks are all you need for a good solid mount. If you think you want to upgrade the mount, we advise at least giving the included mount a try before making your decision.

Extra Accessories for your Aimpoint Pro

Now that we’ve got you convinced on the high quality of the PRO red dot rifle scope, let’s take a look at some of the most popular accessories you can get to either afford some extra protection to your PRO or to boost its performance.

Aimpoint Pro Cover

Aimpoint has a few different covers that will fit the PRO with the only real difference being the color. We like the black one for the sleek appearance, though any of the covers will provide extra protection to your PRO red dot.


While none of these covers were specially designed for the PRO, they will fit if you follow the included instructions for installing the cover to your scope. Detach the scope, gently heat the Aimpoint PRO cover with a hair dryer to soften the rubber, and then pull over the scope.

Aimpoint Pro Magnifier

The PRO has a magnification of 1x, which means an Aimpoint PRO with magnifier is a sought after combo for some users. This 3x magnifier for Aimpoint PRO has a twist mount (Picatinny) that allows you to switch from magnifying to non-magnifying without having to detach anything from your rifle.


You can install the magnifier with a standard 30mm ring. Conveniently, you can also use this magnifier as a handheld monocular for discrete viewing.

Aimpoint PRO Killflash

This is an ingenious little device that fits within the space afforded by the recessed objective lens. It screws into place while still allowing the front lens cover to fit over the top of it.


The Aimpoint PRO killflash is designed to take down any chance of a reflective glare from your red dot scope that could be seen by your target – a great feature if you’ll be using this scope as part of your work in law enforcement or private security.

It achieves this through a honeycomb design that effectively blocks all red glare from the objective lens. It’s important to note that since you are looking through the honeycomb, it will produce a darker image, and you will want to practice using the kill flash before putting yourself in a situation where accuracy matters.

Aimpoint PRO Review – Conclusion

As you can see from this Aimpoint PRO review, this impressive red dot can withstand heavy real-world use, making it well worth the price. Speaking of price, you’re probably already thinking about how you can get the best price on Aimpoint PRO.

Brand new from the manufacturer, the PRO comes in at about $450. We found a few independent retailers offering discounted prices by as much as 17%. However, we can’t say anything about the customer service or return policies of these retailers.


So, our advice is to stick with a known retailer where you can be sure that, should your PRO be damaged in shipping, you get a no hassle replacement.

Regardless of price, the PRO gives a strong argument for why you should consider it over other red dot scopes. The high performance and impressive reliability can make all the difference in the world, especially when you need it most.

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