The Takeaway:

1. Our Pick: Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2

2. Runner-Up: Vortex Model DBK-80S1

3. Also Great: Barska Model CO11218

In these 1000 Yard Spotting Scope reviews, we are going to take a look at a handful of scopes that will get the job done at the shooting range, in the field while hunting, or while birding.

Any spotting scope for 1000 yards will have to have clarity when you crank up the power, they also should have some decent durability, as you’re likely to use your scope under various conditions and maybe even for various applications. So let’s take a look at some of the best 1000 yard spotting scopes.

Our Pick: Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2

The Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 has a large magnification range of 20 to 60X and a large 80mm objective lens, giving you plenty of power out in the field and letting in lots of light during low light conditions. With multi-coated 4 treated optics, this powerful scope will give you bright, true color images with remarkable clarity.

This is a great spotting scope for in the field with its rugged construction and Leupold’s proprietary process of nitrogen filling that renders it fogproof and waterproof, leaving little to chance when matters most and you’ve just spotted that trophy elk. It has a sunshield to protect from glare, which is a great, practical feature that is too often overlooked by manufacturers.

This spotting scope comes in at 18.6 inches and weighs only one pound, making it a great lightweight addition to your gear. Its power and consistently clear image quality, as you move through the zoom range, makes this a good spotting scope for 1000 yards.

Runner-Up: Vortex Model DBK-80S1

The Vortex Diamondback 20-60×80 is a nice quality spotting scope that easily handles 1000+ yard viewing. Its 80mm objective lens not only allows in more light but also gives you, much more importantly, a clear view. True to Vortex scopes, this spotting scope produces bright, clear images, with true color and crisp outlines.

This scope also comes with XR anti-reflective coating to reduce lens flare (sun reflection off the lenses.) This straight-view scope weighs a nice 2.9 pounds and measures 14.9 inches in length, making it a lightweight spotting scope with a comfortable size that won’t weigh you down when hiking out to those remote areas where the big bucks hide.

‚ÄčWith good light transmission and rugged durability, the Diamondback is is a serious consideration for a spotting scope for 1000 yards.

Also Great: Barska Model CO11218

The Barska Model CO11218 30-90X90mm is a powerful spotting scope that will help you at the shooting range when you’re showing off with your buddies and shooting targets at 1000+ yards and out in the field in the wide-open prairie. The dry nitrogen-purged housing, O-ring seals, and its waterproof and fog proof construction makes this a great field scope where weather conditions can be unpredictable and variable throughout the day.

It is ruggedly built and has great multi-coated optics, with a large 90mm objective lens that lets in even the smallest amount of light, providing you with a clear and detailed image regardless of weather conditions. Weighing just over 3 pounds and measuring 21 inches in length, this scope also comes with a hard carrying case to protect it when traveling or for storage while you wait for the next hunting trip to arrive finally. This is great scope for hunting as its high-quality optics and high-density lens will give you service for years.

Other Products to Consider

Tasco Model WC206080

The Tasco Model WC206080 World Class 20-60X80 spotting scope has a lot of features with fully coated, waterproof, and fogproof lenses. They will let you see every last detail as you move through the magnification range from 20X through to 60X.

The bright, clear optics and large 80mm objective lens that allows a lot of light in will help you to spot that trophy buck a thousand yards out or that bear on the next ridge over as you hike across the mountains.

This feature-laden spotting scope has a price point that is easy on the budget while still delivering a heavy load of high-quality performance to get the job done. This scope also comes with a table-top tripod that can be mounted onto your car or truck window, which is convenient when traveling great distances over the desert or high plains. This scope does darken as you increase the power, however, with all of its features and wide magnification range, it does the job.

Conclusion for the 1000 yard spotting scope Reviews 2024

With so many great spotting scopes out on the market, finding the right spotting scope that can provide you with consistent good use at 1000 yards can be difficult. You may find yourself struggling over certain features, like whether you should get HD (high density) lenses, which provide a higher resolution image, useful for digiscoping or for distance viewing, or are fully multi-coated optics better than multi-coated optics, and if that extra 10mm of objective lens size will really make the difference.

In the end, a lot of this will come down to personal preference, but in comparing a few 1000-yard spotting scopes in this review, we hope you can see the benefits of these features to better help you make the right choice for your spotting scope.

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