Best Long-Range Spotting Scope Reviews

Best Long-Range Spotting Scope Reviews 2020

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Our Top Picks - Best Long-range Spotting Scope 2021

A smaller image of Visionking 30-90x100

Visionking 30-90x100mm

A smaller image of Sightmark SM11027K

Sightmark SM11027K

A smaller image of Ultimate Arms Gear 30-90x90

Ultimate Arms Gear

A smaller image pf

Sun Optics USA

Whether you are going out on your next great adventure after that huge buck or just going out to the range to try to show up your buddies, having the best long-range spotting scope can come in handy.  But, with so many choices out there today, which one do you choose?

There are some great value priced long-range spotting scopes out on the market today which can make it difficult to figure out which one suits your needs and will be there for you when you need it most. So, when it is distance and quality that you are specifically looking for, these are some of the best long-range spotting scopes for you to consider.

Winner - Visionking 30-90x100mm Spotting Scope

The Visionking 30-90x100 Large Ocular Spotting scope Powerful Telescope may be the most expensive scope in this list, but if you need to see the distance, the VisionKing's 100mm lens brings your FOV down to just over 14' at 1000 meters. Just in case your quarry is close, you can bring the focus down to 10m without affecting its clarity.

With this scope backing you up, you just may need your car or truck nearby to go after that mule deer that took off after you nailed that impossible shot. This fully coated scope is waterproof and fog proof and comes with a soft case and a small tripod. This tough and very powerful scope is one of the best long-range spotting scopes you can get for the money.

Sightmark Spotting Scope 15-45x60mm Se

The Sightmark SM11027K Spotting Scope is a great long-range spotting scope for the range and field. Its clear optics and stable shooting platform make this great for scanning the prairie for that next Pronghorn hunt. 

This scope comes with a sunshade and specially coated lenses to help prevent and reduce glare, as well as light filters, making it suitable for hunting or just target practicing at the shooting range. Having both a soft case and a hard case gives you options of what case to use, if any, while in the field or traveling.

This is one of the best long-range spotting scopes on the market right now for the price. With this scope only weighing in around one pound, it is also one of the lightest spotting scopes in this review, making it a great travelling companion that won't burden you with extra weight when out tracking your prey.

An image of Sightmark SM11027K

Sightmark Spotting Scope 15-45x60mm

Ultimate Arms Gear 30-90x90mm Hunting Spotting Scope

This military styled spotting scope has some really cool features that come along with it. It is rubber armored in green and nitrogen purged. This makes this spotting optic waterproof and fog proof with O-ring seals. It also gives it the toughness that is often needed when you are out hiking through that marsh, or steep mountain side, while going after your trophy bull elk.

The Ultimate Arms Gear 30-90x90 Hunting Spotting Scope does come as part of an impressive kit, which includes a three-piece Rand shooting bag, a range bag, a table top tripod, lens caps, and a lens cleaning kit. The shooting bag help you stabilize at the range to get your rifle or shotgun sighted in. The range bag gives you plenty of room to carry all your gear out to the range that you will need for the day.

The powerful spotting scope is a bit on the larger side, giving it some heft, however, it is a 90mm spotting scope. This may give you a narrow field of view at extreme ranges, however, it is important to note that this is a consequence of using higher powers and befalls nearly all spotting scopes.

With all of these features to the price point, this makes this not just one of the best value spotting scopes, but it also makes it one of the best long-range spotting scopes you can get for the price.

An image of Ultimate Arms Gear 30-90x90 Hunting Spotting Scope

Ultimate Arms Gear

Sun Optics Usa 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope

The Sun Optics USA Rubber Armored Spotting Scope is a great spotting scope from Sun Optics USA. This powerful 60mm scope will definitely help you locate game at quite a distance, which will test your marksmanship skills.

You will be able to take this rubber armored scope out to the field or to the range for target practice, without the fear of damaging it, as opposed to practicing and getting used to it out in the field, which is always a mistake. Its integrated sunshade helps reduce glare and improve clarity with its fully coated lens.

Seeing the distance isn't much of an issue with FOV (field of view) at 1000 yards of 91 feet, giving you the chance to spot that bear or elk coming down the side of the mountain without them ever seeing you first. This will prove that, at this price, this is one of the best long-range spotting optics.

What is the best long range spotting scope?

There are a lot of options out there when looking for the best long-range spotting scope for your needs. Keeping the environment of where you'll be hunting in mind, as well as whether you'll be using this at the shooting range, will help you figure out which features you would not only like, but really require when you go out on the hunt.

Don't risk that trophy elk or bear to that bargain bin scope that'll maybe get the job done; check your needs against this list of the best long range spotting optics on the market to ensure that you're getting the best long-range spotting optics for your money.

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